Goodbye HDD. By the end of the year, all new laptops in the Western European market will be equipped with SSD

Solid state drives have long ceased to be a luxury. At the moment, prices for such products are low enough so that most users can easily abandon the HDD in favor of even less capacious, but much faster SSDs.

Sooner or later, ordinary hard drives will only be needed by corporate clients and users with specific needs. How soon will this happen?

In general, it’s hard to say, but source analysts say that by the end of this year, absolutely all laptops in Western Europe will be equipped exclusively with solid-state drives. For example, according to the results of the last quarter of mobile PCs with HDD, only 6.7% of the total number was sold. In the segment of finished desktop PCs, their share fell to 18%.

SSDs are most actively deployed in PCs in the Scandinavian markets and in the Netherlands. There already in the last quarter such drives were used in 98% of finished computers.

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