Globalfoundries Ready for Production – Industry’s First 22FDX eMRAM for IoT and Automotive

This built-in non-volatile memory is suitable for storing programs and data.
Globalfoundries (GF) has announced the release of an integrated magnetoresistive non-volatile memory (eMRAM) on the proprietary 22-nanometer technology platform FD-SOI (22FDX).

A semiconductor contract manufacturer is already working with several customers who have chosen this eMRAM for integration into their products. They should be transferred to production in the current year.

According to GF, this is a significant milestone for the industry. It shows the scalability of eMRAM as a cost-effective option on modern technological process nodes for the production of universal microcontrollers and microchips for the Internet of things (IoT), automotive electronics, artificial intelligence peripherals and other applications where low power consumption is required.

EMRAM is designed as a replacement for the NOR built-in flash memory (eFlash). It is guaranteed to withstand repeated soldering with a wave of solder. Its resource is 100,000 rewriting cycles. Data is stored in memory for 10 years at temperatures from -40 ° C to 125 ° C. GF and its partners have prepared silicon-tested MRAM macros from 4 to 48 Mbps. Chips with eMRAM manufactured using FD-SOI technology meet the requirements of the second class of quality AEC-Q100. Next year it is planned to develop a memory that meets the requirements of the first class AEC-Q100.

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