Globalfoundries Introduces 12LP + FinFET Process Technology Optimized for AI Accelerators

The company Globalfoundries (GF), which is engaged in the contract manufacturing of semiconductor products, recently introduced the 12LP + manufacturing process, which has already passed the qualifications and is ready for production. It is built on FinFET transistor technology and delivers the best-in-class combination of performance, power consumption and chip area.

According to GF, the new process technology has been optimized for manufacturing the elemental base of systems used for artificial intelligence applications, including deep learning and logical conclusions. For 12LP +, an updated library of standard elements has been proposed, including an intermediate substrate for a 2.5D surround layout and a low-power SRAM cell that provides data exchange between processors and low-latency memory. With their help, designers can quickly create solutions that meet the specific needs of the fast-growing market for artificial intelligence accelerators. The manufacturer promises to expand the library of IP cores with PCIe 3/4/5, USB 2/3, HBM2 / 2e, DDR / LPDDR4 / 4x and GDDR6 over time.

At the same time, the 12LP + manufacturing process is based on the GF 14nm / 12LP platform thoroughly tested in production, with the use of which more than a million plates were manufactured at GF. This provides quick preparation for production, minimizes costs and ensures high yield. The first products manufactured by the new process technology will be ready in the second half of 2020.

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