Germany will not prohibit Huawei from participating in 5G network deployment

Bidders for German 5G network deployment contracts must ensure that the network is free from foreign influence. This condition, after active discussion, was approved by the delegates to the Congress of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the ruling party in Germany.

Thus, supporters of the exclusion from the process of the Chinese company Huawei were in the minority, and the position expressed by the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, became final: Angela Merkel was the choice criterion, not security preferences, but security standards.

All telecom operators in Germany, which has close trade relations with China, are Huawei customers (more precisely, Huawei equipment is 70% of the cellular networks in the country). They already warned that Huawei’s ban on participating in the deployment of 5G networks would lead to long-term delays and cost increases of billions of euros.

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