Genesis GV80 premium crossover will feature a 3D display of the future

In many science fiction films, you can see holographic control panels, for interaction with which the user needs to move his hand through the air. Very soon, such technology can be seen and tested in a serial crossover Genesis GV80 from the concern Hyundai.

The new Genesis GV80 will debut Continental’s new autostereoscopic 3D display. The latter states that special glasses are not required to obtain the effect of a three-dimensional image. The technology is based on an advanced eye tracking system. Continental claims that even with sharp inclinations and changes in the position of the driver’s head, the picture will remain stable. Moreover, the system of “parallax barriers” is configured so that the left and right eyes always receive different images. This will allow you to build a stereoscopic three-dimensional interface so that it can smoothly “soar” over the dashboard.

Continental claims that this technology is primarily intended for driver safety. The thing is that modern cars provide more and more information, which is often lost in the general flow. If certain warnings are literally in front of the driver’s eyes, this can reduce the likelihood of dangerous traffic accidents.

According to Continental, another interesting technology will appear on the Genesis GV80 – Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting. It will increase passenger comfort by displaying three-dimensional images, the interaction with which can be carried out using gestures and other interactive commands.

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