GeForce RTX 2080Ti is not able to pull modern games in 4K @ 60 fps

A $ 1,500 GPU should easily provide its owner with 60 FPS in any game at maximum graphics settings for at least one year, but this does not happen.

In 4K resolution, a small percentage of gamers play, however, it is gamers who equal them when they announce the incredible graphic components of their projects. That’s just recently there was nothing to equal.

As you can see, in all games fps falls below 60, which means that at present there is simply no video card that would be able to satisfy the demands of uncompromising users.

As for the excuses of some gamers, claiming the excellent work of this card on high and medium in 4K – there is no doubt about this.

Here are just a lot of those who paid $ 1,500 for their graphics card, will not agree with them.

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