GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Super may turn out to be a unique video card with an old GPU in the new process technology

But for now this is only an assumption/
Recently, there have been rumors that Nvidia can still release the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Super graphics card. At the same time, other rumors are talking about the relatively soon release of new-generation Ampere cards built on seven-inch GPUs.

This information is largely contradictory to each other, since Nvidia simply does not make sense to release a new top-end graphics card within the Turing generation if, after a couple of months, the completely new and more powerful flagship Ampere comes out.

However, there is an option when both rumors are true, but not in the way one would think. The source believes that in the second quarter, Nvidia can release a video card that will belong to the Turing generation, but use the GPU produced by the seven-meter process technology. It will be difficult to say whether this will be the RTX 2080 Ti Super itself or the card will be given a new name. However, in this case this is not even a rumor, but only a curious assumption that has the right to life.

For Nvidia, such a step would mean the opportunity to test the new manufacturing process on the old architecture. In addition, if the rumors about the performance of the Radeon video card on the “big Navi” are true, then it will only be at the level of RTX 2080 Ti or a little faster. And in this case, Nvidia really does not need to rush with the generation of Ampere.

In general, the version is very unusual and curious, but so far based only on the fantasies of journalists.

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