GeForce Now Attracts Over 1 Million Users in Less Than Three Weeks

It’s all about the free trial.
The cloud-based gaming service GeForce Now emerged from the long beta phase less than three weeks ago, but has already excelled.

According to Nvidia, during this time more than 1 million new users have joined the service! Of course, in this case, this is a merit not only of the fact that the service exited the beta stage, but primarily of the availability of a three-month free period. How many users of this million in the future will continue to use GeForce Now, so far we can only guess. However, in those countries where the service is presented directly, it is very affordable. Recall that in our country it is available through an intermediary, so the price is much higher.

As for the capabilities of the service, yesterday we learned that the game Cyberpunk 2077 will be available in GeForce Now on the first day

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