Geely will be China’s first private satellite manufacturer

Volvo brand owner begins construction of research and development center.
The Chinese company Li Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has begun construction of a research and production center in Taizhou, where it is planned to master the development, assembly and testing of satellites.

The center will be owned by Geely Technology Group. When it starts, Geely will be the first Chinese private satellite manufacturing company.

The enterprise will include a research and development center, units specializing in manufacturing and testing, as well as a cloud computing center. It is assumed that the object will be able to develop and produce various satellite models. The company plans to launch commercial low-orbit satellites by the end of this year.

Geely’s entry into a new field of activity is part of the transformation of the automaker into a global mobility technology group. The implementation of the satellite strategy is entrusted to the Geespace company, created by Geely in 2018 to develop, launch and operate low-orbit satellites. According to plans, Geespace will begin deploying its low-orbit satellite network by the end of the year. Low-orbit satellites will be able to provide high-speed Internet connections, high-precision navigation and access to cloud computing capabilities. One of the consumers of these services will be self-driving cars. Modern navigation systems rely on satellites in high orbit, which do not provide the accuracy needed to solve tasks such as lane navigation and collision avoidance. The low-orbit satellite network Geespace will provide much higher positioning accuracy – up to a centimeter, providing access to the implementation of these and other similar functions. Satellites will be designed for a service life of up to ten years, after which they will naturally self-destruct in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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