Gartner specialists named the new largest buyer of semiconductor products

He pushed Samsung to second place.
According to Gartner, in 2019, Apple regained the title of the largest buyer of semiconductor products. It alone purchases 8.6% of the world’s semiconductor products.

Samsung, the leader in this indicator in 2018, fell to second place with 8%. The change in the rating occurred amid a decline in purchases. In the case of Apple, the decrease was 12.7%, in the case of Samsung – 21.4%. Analysts say that in 2019, leading OEMs cut their semiconductor product costs due to lower memory prices.

Until the seventh position in the rating ranking, there are no changes compared to 2018. Huawei with 5.0% of the market remained third, reducing purchases by only 1.8%. In fourth place is Dell (3.9%). This is followed by Lenovo (3.8%), BBK (3.0%) and HP (2.5%). Xiaomi (1.7%) rose from tenth place to eighth, which increased purchases by 1.4%. HPE retained ninth place (1.5%). Hon Hai (1.5%) closes the top ten, rising one notch and crowding out Kingston from the top ten.

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