Gaming monitors sales up 76.4% over the year

This is stated in the next IDC report.
IDC analysts released third-quarter data related to the gaming desktop, laptop and monitor market. To clarify, by gaming computers they mean models with GPUs of the middle and upper segment manufactured by AMD and Nvidia, excluding professional models such as Quadro and Radeon Pro. And for game monitors in IDC include models with a refresh rate of 100 Hz or higher.

So, for the quarter of devices of the above categories, 10.0 million units were shipped. This is 10.1% more than in the third quarter of 2018. At the same time, sales of gaming monitors in annual terms increased by 76.4%, to 2.2 million units. According to analysts, demand spurred, in particular, the desire to avoid price increases due to the possible introduction of new tariffs on imports from China to the United States.

Quarterly data allowed analysts to refine the forecast for the year as a whole and for the period until 2023. For 2019, they forecast the shipment of 16.0 million desktop PCs, 19.9 million laptops and 7.8 million monitors. For 2023, analysts forecast the shipment of 15.9 million desktop PCs, 26.4 million laptops and 12.2 million monitors. These values ​​correspond to the average annual change in the supply volume by -0.2%, 7.4% and 11.8%, respectively.

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