Gamers this year may be left without the Sony PS5 and the new Xbox. Due to coronavirus

But until it is confirmed.
When the thematic media touch on the theme of coronavirus, they often talk about possible problems with the production of certain smartphones. But, of course, not only smartphones are at stake.

Yesterday, we talked about the fact that Sony, which has four large factories in China, can be severely affected by the outbreak. And this supposedly can affect the production of PlayStation 4 consoles.

But it can also affect PS5 production. And also for the production of the new Xbox. The source says that the current situation may lead to a decrease in the first batches of new generation consoles, or even to delay the start of sales. Recall that the consoles should be released at the very end of this year – exactly in time for the Christmas season. And the transfer may mean that they will appear on the shelves only at the beginning of 2021.

It is not yet clear how the situation will be, but there is a probability of the mentioned complications.

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