FXpansion BFD2 [macOS]

It’s time to talk about FXpansion BFD2. This is a virtual drum set. Unprecedentedly powerful and flexible environment for creating acoustic drums on your computer. BFD2 drum sampler vst has an ultimate realism and sound quality, quick and easy setup, full integration at the plug-in level with your digital workstation (DAW).

You have customizable drum samples 10-, 18-, or 32-part sound sets with full control over tuning, muting, spatial effects, response to velocity and more. Lay voices on top of each other for powerful mixed sounds, ideal for modern music, and skim through sound profiles for quick access to unprocessed or muted sounds and other useful settings. FXpansion drum vst allows you to tune the sound just like on a real drum set, instead of pressing the buttons in your sampler. Just choose your metal drum samples or any other at your discretion and make music in Steinberg Cubase, Avid Pro Tools or other studio.



You CAN {Download} FXpansion BFD2

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