Future owners of the PlayStation 5 should prepare for the rise in price of games

Games for the PlayStation 5 may become more expensive due to the potentially high costs of developing large-scale next-generation projects. This was directly hinted at by PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan in a recent interview.

Everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that the recommended price for console games in the US is $ 60. In the next generation, it can increase, although no one is talking with 100 percent certainty about it.

Since the technology allows the graphic side to become more interesting and realistic, the development process will become more time-consuming and require large budgets. Therefore, we want to create a large user base as quickly as possible so that game creators can earn money from their work. If we can keep up with the likely increase in development costs, the industry will continue to flourish.

Jim Ryan

As for the information about the first games for the PlayStation 5, it was supposed to be published on June 4, but Sony postponed the event indefinitely due to ongoing unrest in the United States.

Earlier, Jim Ryan prepared the world for a shortage of PlayStation 5, and also added that the coronavirus pandemic will not affect the timing of the release of the console.

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