Fujitsu begins shipping supercomputer Fugaku

It uses Fujitsu A64FX processors based on Arm architecture
Fujitsu announced the shipment of the first unit of the Fugaku supercomputer, which was developed jointly with RIKEN with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Project participants intend to put the supercomputer into operation from 2021 to 2022.

The Fugaku supercomputer system will consist of more than 150,000 A64FX processors developed by Fujitsu based on the Arm architecture. The processors are connected by the Tofu Interconnect D high-speed network. The components will be delivered to the RIKEN Computing Center in Kobe for installation and configuration.

Fugaku’s design capacity is 100 times that of Fujitsu K. The power consumption has only tripled. The prototype system is already on the Top500 list. Moreover, in terms of energy efficiency, he became the best on the list.

Technologies developed for Fugaku have found application in the commercially available Fujitsu supercomputers PRIMEHPC FX1000 and PRIMEHPC FX700.

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