Fujifilm admits electronic viewfinder defect in X-Pro3 cameras

According to the manufacturer, the problem affects the “very small percentage” of devices.
In response to complaints from users of Fujifilm X-Pro3 cameras, the manufacturer confirmed that “a very small percentage” of these devices have an electronic viewfinder (EVF) defect.

The problem is that the image on the EVF screen looks too bright. This applies to both the image displayed during the sight and the image of the settings menu. There is no such problem on the LCD.

The exact cause of this problem is currently unclear. In any case, the manufacturer does not name it. He recommends that anyone who encounters a defect contact a service center.

Although not all cameras are affected, it is very serious, since the Fujifilm X-Pro3 mirrorless cameras are highly dependent on EVF performance. A substantially defective camera is unsuitable for shooting. Unfortunately, the only known solution to the problem at this time is to replace the camera.

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