A nightmare for the battery. Fresh iPhone and iPad updates dramatically reduce battery life

Apple released updates to the iOS and iPadOS 13.2.2 mobile operating systems for the iPhone and iPad last week. These are small updates that resolve a number of serious bugs, including a problem with multitasking and loss of cellular communications.

However, as it turned out, update 13.2.2 not only solves old problems, but also brings new ones. Users began to complain about a sharp decrease in battery life.

Numerous complaints on social networks Twitter and Weibo describe the situation in approximately the same way – before the update, the operating time was “very good”, and after installing 13.2.2 it became “very bad”.

For example, in 2 hours 67% of the charge may be “lost”. The problem with fast discharge is not only for the iPhone, it also appeared on tablets with iPadOS 13.2.2. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are also reset.

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