French startup will solve the problem of autonomy of electric cars

One of the disadvantages of environmentally friendly transport is the relatively short travel distance without refueling. French startup EP Tender has proposed an original solution to this problem, not related to a change in the design of the cars themselves.

Many buyers of electric cars are faced with a simple choice: either buy a car with a capacious battery, but more expensive, or save on autonomy. French startup EP Tender says it will save buyers from the dilemma.

The idea is to create a compact trailer with an integrated 60 kWh battery that will hook onto an electric car instead of a charger. Its charge, according to the developers, is enough to get to the destination or to the next service station. At the same time, this approach will save drivers the time spent on the traditional “refueling” of the vehicle.

Currently, there is a problem of compatibility of Powerbank with some models of electric cars, but after 2022 the situation should change. EP Tender is already negotiating with Renault and the PSA Group in France on the factory-installed universal connectors for all vehicles. The current price of the adapter is 600 euros.

The company predicts that the maximum cost for renting a trailer for € 100,000 is about € 34. According to the business plan, EP Tender plans to make its first profit already in 2024, when 60,000 customers rent 4,150 trailers.

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