French antitrust monitors fined Google 150 million euros

This is a punishment for the opaque rules of the advertising platform.
The French competition authority ended this week with a fine of € 150 million from Google for abuse of its dominant position in the Internet search market.

The abuse, according to the regulator, was manifested in the application of opaque and unpredictable rules on the Google Ads advertising platform. This is Google’s first punishment by French antitrust monitors. Google has already announced that it will appeal the decision.

Occupying about 90% of the Internet search market, Google is required to ensure fair access to the display of advertisements, the regulator said.

The agency’s investigation took four years to follow, following the complaint filed by French company Gibmedia, which runs a number of websites offering weather forecasts, corporate data, and catalogs. Gibmedia accused Google of blocking its Google Ads account without prior notice. According to Google, Gibmedia is showing ads on fraudulent sites.

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