Free VPN for MAC

What is VPN?

Imagine a scene from an action film in which a villain escapes from a crime scene along a highway in a sports car. He is chased by a police helicopter. The car enters a tunnel with several exits. The helicopter pilot does not know from which exit the car will appear, and the villain leaves the chase.

VPN – this is the tunnel connecting many roads. No one from the outside knows where the cars entering him will be. No one from the outside knows what is going on in the tunnel.

VPN allows you to bypass geographic and legal restrictions. I don’t know any super vpn for mac but I know some free vpn client for mac.

VPN is a useful and necessary technology that copes well with a certain range of tasks. But the security of personal data still depends on the good faith of the VPN service provider, your common sense, attentiveness and Internet literacy.

Tunnelblick, as I think, is a best free vpn for mac because it is simple and clear.

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