Foxconn managers have been selling defective iPhones for years

Apple is investigating a scandalous incident that erupted around the Foxconn management team, a company that builds and sells the iPhone. The blow was inflicted not only on the reputation of the corporation and its partner – as it turned out, buyers for several years received deliberately low-quality smartphones under the guise of a new “apple” product.

According to Asian media, a group of Foxconn managers for at least three years produced “left-handed” smartphones from decommissioned components to be destroyed, selling deliberately defective gadgets to unsuspecting buyers. According to available information, the shadow business brought about $ 43 million to scammers.

The incident is already under investigation by a special team of Apple Business Assurance & Audit (BA&A), reporting directly to the company’s board of directors. Foxconn refrained from commenting. According to rumors, its former chairman Terry Guo said in a private conversation that in a company with more than a million employees, there will always be a small number capable of “reckless things.”

This is not the first time Apple has been the victim of scammers. Earlier this year, a Chinese student inflicted damage on the company in the amount of about a million dollars by exchanging counterfeit iPhones for real ones under warranty, and another group was involved in “identity theft” of iPhone owners, as a result of which the corporation suffered a loss of $ 19 million. At the same time, the assembly of smartphones from defective spare parts is by far the largest crime associated with the Apple ecosystem among those identified this year.

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