Four countries that will dominate 5G are named

By 2025, more than half of users of ultra-fast 5G mobile networks will account for more than four countries. And there are no European countries among them. This forecast was given by GSMA Intelligence specialists.

There will be a small cluster of countries that will lead the implementation of 5G, and the rest of the world will follow, ”cites Tim Hatt, head of research at GSMA Intelligence, as the source. “More than half of the world’s 5G subscribers will be in China, Japan, Korea and the USA by 2025.”

By the middle of the decade, the share of 5G mobile connections in Korea will reach 66%, in the USA – 50%, in Japan – 49%. In absolute terms, China will be the leader with 600 million connections. It is expected that 1.55 million people will have a 5G connection in the world by 2025, which will make up 18% of the total number of mobile users.

The source clarifies that these data relate to the consumer segment. Meanwhile, 5G technology has great potential in the corporate segment, where its implementation will help to manage smart factories with robots and sensors.

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