Former Siemens Contractor Received Six Months in Prison for Placing Logic Bomb in Code

In the summer of this year, a very interesting case of fraud became public. They tried a former Siemens contractor, 62-year-old David Tinley, who introduced his so-called “logic bombs” into spreadsheets created for the company.

Tinley has been serving Siemens’ offices in Monroeville, PA for nearly a decade. Among other things, he was engaged in the creation of spreadsheets, with which the company managed orders for equipment. These tables included special user scripts that updated the contents of files according to current orders stored in other, deleted documents.

Around 2014, spreadsheets began to “crash” at an enviable frequency. In such cases, Siemens representatives were forced to contact their contractor to fix the problem (this was done for a fee). As it turned out in May 2016, these failures were not an accident. Tinley introduced the so-called “logical bombs” into the code, which worked after a certain date and intentionally “broke” the files.

The fraudulent scheme was disclosed when, during the next such “failure”, Tinley was not in the city, and he had to provide an administrator password to Siemens employees so that they could fix script errors themselves and execute an urgent order.

It is reported that the fraud of a former contractor and subsequent investigation cost Siemens tens of thousands of dollars.

Tinley had already pleaded guilty this summer on charges of intentionally damaging a secure computer, and then he was facing a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, as well as a fine of up to $ 250,000.

Tinley’s verdict was handed down this week. The fraudster was sentenced to six months in prison, and after his release he will be under the close supervision of law enforcement for another two years. Tinley was also fined $ 7,500.

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