Forget the Sony PS5

The next generation of game consoles will be very important for the entire market. If only because it could be the last.

Yes, this is unlikely, but various companies are increasingly promoting streaming gaming services. One of these is Google Stadia. And it is with him that the new consoles will have to compete, whereas earlier, in fact, the “large” consoles had no competitors, except for the PC.

According to Google’s vice president of engineering, Stadia will be faster and more responsive than traditional gaming platforms in a year or two. In this case, Stadia will be better, regardless of the performance of gaming systems.

It will be realized thanks to machine learning and modeling. In particular, Stadia will have what a Google spokesperson called a negative delay. Thanks to the unique technology, Stadia will actually predict the likely actions of the player at every moment in time, which will reduce the delay – the main problem of cloud gaming services. However, while this technology, apparently, is not available.

However, under any conditions, there is another problem – the number of servers. In many markets, such services in the foreseeable future will not appear simply because a company will not spend money on hosting new servers.

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