Ford will use McDonald’s waste in auto parts

Ford and McDonald’s have announced a partnership in which the automaker will begin using McDonald’s coffee waste to produce auto parts such as headlight housings and other internal and external components of machines. Due to this, Ford cars will not only become a little “greener”. In addition, it is claimed that parts with the addition of coffee cake will be 20% lighter than the original.

Ford already uses a variety of environmentally friendly materials, such as soy and wood pulp. Spent coffee beans were added to the list after a Ford research team discovered that they could be used to produce fairly durable material. To do this, the meal should be heated to high temperatures with a low oxygen content and mixed with plastic. The resulting material is granulated and can be used for molding. Tests have shown that the new material has “significantly better” thermal properties than what is currently used. In addition, its use will allow the manufacturer to save 25% of energy in the casting process.

McDonald’s coffee waste is now used to make mulch.

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