Ford Mustang Lithium electric car equipped with a manual gearbox

The electric car shown in the illustrations was the result of a collaboration between Ford and Webasto. This is a Mustang Lithium electric car that uses a 800 V Webasto battery system and EVDrive technology. The power plant provides a torque of more than 1350 N · m and a power of more than 900 horsepower. The electric car has a manual gearbox with six-speed manual shift.

The car will not be mass-produced. This is a prototype, but it is intended not only to demonstrate the capabilities of the automaker, but also to test the battery technology and cooling systems created jointly by Webasto and Ford.

By 2022, Ford will invest more than $ 11.5 billion in electrified cars, including a brand new all-electric Mustang-style SUV. It should be ready in 2020. It is expected that the car will be able to run without recharging up to 480 km.

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