For scaling video in Samsung QLED 8K TVs of the 2020 model, artificial intelligence algorithms are used

Although the implementation of 4K resolution is still ongoing, 8K TVs are already appearing on the market. Watching videos of lower resolution on their screens may cause disappointment for the user, but what if the materials shot in 8K resolution are not as many as we would like?

Of course, scaling technology can help out. Samsung said its 2020 QLED 8K TVs use artificial intelligence algorithms to scale video. Artificial intelligence and deep learning help improve image quality.

By the way, for the first time, Samsung Electronics introduced the scaling technology based on artificial intelligence to convert video content to 8K format back in 2018. The algorithm, developed by specialists of a South Korean company, analyzes various video parameters, including the number of lines, brightness and color, and improves the image in each of these aspects, which allows to increase its resolution while maintaining quality. Samsung Picture Quality Solution Lab employees have relied on deep learning algorithms that can ensure optimal video quality without human intervention and do it better than possible in manual mode. Algorithms are embodied in a system based on the AI ​​Quantum Processor 8K processor.

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