Ferrari will not rush with electric cars

According to the legendary manufacturer, battery technology requires further development.
Ferrari plans to launch the first all-electric car no earlier than 2025, as battery technology requires further development, said Louis Camilleri, executive director of the company.

Earlier, the legendary automaker warned that a fully electric car could only be released after the current industrial plan was completed in 2022. Analysts say they did not expect the Ferrari electric car to be released before 2023, but it’s now clear that the actual launch may be even later.

“Battery technology is not where it should be,” Camilleri said, speaking to reporters at the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

“There are still significant problems in terms of autonomy, in terms of reload speed. As a result, we will release an electric car. But after 2025. Not in the short term, ”he added.

In the near future, Ferrari will be limited to the production of hybrid cars. Earlier this year, the company introduced the SF 90 Stradale, its first hybrid car designed for mass production. By 2022, the manufacturer plans to increase the share of hybrids in sales to 60%.

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