Famous blogger made a detailed video review of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha [VIDEO]

In late September, Xiaomi introduced the Mi Mix Alpha concept smartphone with a panoramic display, which is located on the front side and side faces, and also almost completely occupies the cover. Initially, the company did not plan to sell the device, but already at the end of February the gadget still went on retail, and a few days later it got to a review by the famous blogger Markus Brownley.

The key question that the author of MKBHD asked before the review was the purpose of the display, located on the back side. During operation, Mi Mix Alpha displays a clock and a notification on both sides of the device. Due to the lack of side hardware buttons, it is necessary to control certain functions of the gadget using digital ones located on the curved display of the side faces. The only hardware button located on top is responsible for turning the smartphone on and off.

Instead of traditional speakers, Xiaomi used in the Mi Mix Alpha a vibrational method of transmitting sound through the display glass. The fingerprint scanner is installed under the screen. As for the rear screen, it allows you to take a selfie using a 108-megapixel camera, since the screen can be used as a viewfinder.

At the moment when the user turns the smartphone with the back to him, the front of the screen turns off. The weather widgets, clock, timer, player and voice recorder are displayed. The fact that the device is literally wrapped in a touch panel allowed Xiaomi to achieve amazing animation while charging a device that simulates filling a smartphone with liquid.

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