Fallout 76 interactive map author was banned by Bethesda

The programmer Jareth Burkett worked on the Fallout 76 interactive world map for several months – with its help, players could see where and how to get the item they need.

Burkett is part of the dataminer group, which, in addition to the map, also creates various tools for the community and from time to time searches for bugs and vulnerabilities to report about them to Bethesda.

So it was in early October, when the Burkett team came across a message about a new vulnerability. The dataminers managed to find it, conduct several tests and confirm that the problem really exists.

According to Burkett, after the data miners reported the vulnerability to the Bethesda community manager, their accounts used to search for it were banned without any explanation.

The programmer reported what happened on the site of the interactive map, where the map itself is no longer there – in protest, he decided to close the project.

The reason was not only the blocking of the account, but the fact that Bethesda ignored his request for a refund for, as it turned out, a problem subscription Fallout 1st. Later, they still answered him.

The bottom line is that I already spent the atoms, so I can go to hell.
14 dollars is nothing for me and, most importantly, they are nothing for them. However, there are principles. They asked for money for a broken product that did not match what was in the advertisement. And they are more likely to lose a client who, as an ardent fan, spent hundreds of dollars on atoms, bought six accounts, helped find and fix bugs, and also created popular tools for the community, which would give me my $ 14.
You didn’t save $ 14, greedy pieces of shit, you lost a stable source of income and free tools for players.

Burkett believes that Fallout 76 will remain “broken,” and that in the future, with the release of new DLCs, the situation will only get worse.

Bethesda has long spit on Fallout 76 and its players, and it’s time for us to do the same. I will begin.

Burkett expressed his dissatisfaction with the technical condition of Fallout 76 back in August, when Kotaku reporters talked to him. He said that although he did not consider himself a gamer and might not touch games for years, he was still a Fallout fan, and even 76 with her problems attracted him, largely because of the friendly community. And now this Bethesda fan has lost.

The Fallout 76 community has already responded by expressing their disappointment with Bethesda’s attitude towards the players.

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