Attention, fake. Replicas of AirPods Pro have already begun

Less than a day after the start of sales of the latest AirPods Pro wireless headphones with active whisper function, it became known that from the very first days there is a chance to come across a fake.

Various Chinese stores have already started selling the Vpods Pro model, which is priced at just $ 40, while AirPods Pro will be priced at $ 250.

Of course, Vpods Pro is apparently not an exact copy of AirPods Pro, but this is only the first bell. The experience of past years suggests that in the coming months the market will be flooded with 100% fakes, which will be very difficult to distinguish from the original headphones, especially if you purchase them via the Internet.

Reliable insiders confirm that production of replicas of AirPods Pro has already begun in China, and will soon be available for purchase.

It is worth adding that Chinese manufacturers were able to previously copy not only the design of Apple AirPods, but also functionality. I wonder how quickly the exact clones of Apple AirPods Pro will hit the market.

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