Facebook is working on replacing Google Android

Former Microsoft employees help her develop her own OS.
According to a source, Facebook is developing its own operating system, and former Microsoft employees, in particular Mark Lucovsky, who was one of the creators of Windows NT at the time, help her in this.

The new OS should remove the dependence of Facebook on the development of competitors – Google Android OS. It is in the form of a modified version used in a number of hardware solutions of the company – Oculus and Portal.

“We really want to be sure that the next generation solutions will be [entirely] ours,” Andrew Bosworth, head of Facebook’s hardware department, commented on the creation of his own OS. “We do not believe that we can trust the market or our competitors, so we will do it ourselves.”

In addition to Oculus and Portal devices, Facebook is also working on augmented reality glasses, codenamed Orion – they should go on sale in early 2023. In the same year, by the way, the release of a similar Apple device is expected. So Orion may be the first Facebook hardware solution running its own OS.

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