Facebook employee’s car was hacked, and the company lost data 29,000 people

Bloomberg reporters said that on November 17, 2019, Facebook leaked the personal data of 29,000 of its employees. As a result of this incident, the names of social network employees, their bank account numbers, the last four digits of social security numbers, information on salaries, bonuses, and some information about shares in the company’s capital were in the hands of third parties.

The leak occurred in an unusual way: unknown persons robbed the car of an employee of the settlement department of Facebook, while in the car lay unencrypted hard drives with the above data. Now the company emphasizes that the employee should not have taken these hard drives out of the office, and appropriate disciplinary measures have already been tried on him. According to representatives of Facebook, the thieves did not try to steal information about the company’s employees, hacking the car was an ordinary theft, during which criminals accidentally took valuable data with them.

Currently, the social network is working with law enforcement agencies, but so far none of the hard drives have been found.

The social network has already notified all the injured workers about the incident and recommended that they notify their banks by offering a free two-year subscription to credit monitoring services in case of identity theft.

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