Facebook bought the famous gaming studio Ready at Dawn

Facebook has officially announced that it has acquired the famous gaming studio Ready at Dawn, which was established back in 2003.

Initially, Ready at Dawn specialized in developing games for the PlayStation Portable. Also on her account is the collection of God of War: Origins Collection for the PlayStation 3 and the exclusive for PlayStation 4 cinematic project The Order: 1886.

For the past three years, the studio has specialized in content for virtual reality devices, releasing the Lone Echo, Echo Arena, and Echo Combat games for Oculus Rift. It is for his unit, which is engaged in development in the field of virtual reality, Facebook and acquired the studio Ready at Dawn.

Facebook bought several virtual reality studios, including the company that authored the hit rhythm game Beat Saber. In a statement, Facebook claims the Ready at Dawn team will be part of Facebook, but will continue to independently work on future content for virtual reality devices.

At the moment, developers are actively working on the Lone Echo II project.

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