Face recognition technology is evil? IBM closes related business

The situation in the United States (and not only) because of the murder of George Floyd by the police began to affect new areas. In a letter to the U.S. Congress, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna, in addition to calls for greater responsibility for the police and promoting equality in the country, said the company was withdrawing from the face recognition technology business.

IBM no longer offers universal face recognition or analysis software. IBM strongly opposes and will not condone the use of any technology, including facial recognition technology, offered by other vendors for mass surveillance, racial profiling, violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms or any goals that do not meet our values ​​and principles of trust and transparency . We believe that it is time to start a national dialogue on whether to use face recognition technology in local law enforcement and how to do it

Krishna added that artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can really help law enforcement to ensure the safety of citizens, but manufacturers and suppliers of related systems are responsible for how these technologies are used.

In this case, it is worth repeating separately the fact that IBM not only calls for regulation of face recognition technologies, but closes the corresponding business. We do not know what financial indicators this IBM business line had, but given the trends, this is a very promising direction.

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