Exynos 9630, 9710 or 9830? Samsung teases with the announcement of a new mobile chipset

Samsung began to tease the public with the quick announcement of the new single-chip system of the Samsung Exynos family.

Officially, the manufacturer has not yet talked about which particular chipset in question, alluding to the fact that it will be even better suited for various tasks related to the use of artificial intelligence.

The network informant, who leads the Twitter page under the nickname @AndroidSaint, claims that this is a Samsung Exynos 9630 single-chip system.

In addition, the source is confident that this platform will form the basis of the updated line of mid-range Samsung Galaxy A.

The presentation of the Galaxy A smartphones for the next model year will take place, presumably, in December-January.

Ice Universe has more options: Exynos 9630, 9710 or 9830.

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