Extreme with jetpack soared to a record height [VIDEO]

The famous inventor and extreme Vince Reffet gained popularity thanks to the use of a jetpack, which allows him to literally soar in the air. Vince performed the next flight in the vicinity of Dubai, where he managed to rise to a record height.

Timed to coincide with the World Expo 2020 event, the mission is feasible: a man in flight, provided for Vince to fly independently with a jet backpack behind him. The target height was set in advance – the extreme was to climb 1800 meters.

At the beginning of the flight, Vince was convinced of the serviceability of all systems, and then abruptly skyrocketed. The fuel supply was enough for three minutes of flight. At the same time, the maximum lifting speed was 240 km / h. More than one and a half kilometers from the ground, the extremal opened a parachute and landed safely.

According to the developers of the jetpack, he is able to reach a maximum speed of 400 km / h. The flight in Dubai was recognized as the first in history when a person used a jetpack and managed to rise to such an impressive height.

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