Exposing the day or how to make the “real” Sony PlayStation 5 do it yourself

Video prefix loading turned out to be fake.
Last weekend, an interesting video appeared on the network, presumably showing the download of the next-generation Sony game console. It caused a great deal of excitement on the net. However, PlayStation fans rejoiced early.

The experts thoroughly disassembled the video and issued a verdict – this is a fake. Interestingly, one of the evidence is the fact that Sony did not pursue users who published the video. If this were a real leak, the company would instantly have achieved its removal from Youtube and other video services.

It is also noted that so far only development kits are in use, and the final commercial option is still far away. Instead, we see something more like a Blu-ray player. In addition, the download process is too slow.

And finally, the author published a new video on Youtube, which details the process of creating a video.

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