Experts named the most popular voice assistant in the world

Voice Assistant is a convenient tool for controlling a smartphone or smart speaker. In the struggle for the mobile market, many major electronics manufacturers, including Apple and Google, dominate the mobile operating system market, pushing their solutions. Futuresource Consulting has published a global ranking of the popularity of virtual assistants by the number of devices with their support. The results were not as predictable as you might expect.

According to Futuresource Consulting, the leader in the number of devices with Siri support is now Apple, which owns 35% of the voice assistant market. Analysts attribute this popularity to the successful sales of AirPods wireless headphones.

The second place is taken by Microsoft Cortana. Although the company has removed features from the new Xbox consoles, the assistant continues to maintain a strong position with 22% due to its dominance in the market for computers with Windows 10. Microsoft is also increasing efforts by promoting Cortana in the corporate sector and actively implementing it in the Office 365 suite. Google with its Assistant takes only third place with 9% of the market, while Amazon Alexa is fourth with 4%.

Compared to 2018, the growth of the popularity of virtual assistants amounted to 25% – now the number of devices with their support is estimated at 1.1 billion, and by 2023 the forecasted figure is 2.5 billion. According to the representative of Futuresource Consulting Simon Forrest, soon the presence of several voice assistants in one device will become the norm.

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