Experts explained why LPDDR5 memory is better than LPDDR4X

In the first half of 2020, most smartphone manufacturers seek to equip flagship devices with the new LPDDR5 memory standard. In addition to being significantly faster than its predecessor, LPDDR4X, it has a number of other unobvious benefits. One of the first smartphones to receive a new generation of memory was Xiaomi Mi10. Experts told how good this chip is on the example of this model.

The manufacturer of RAM for Xiaomi Mi10 is Micron. Besides the fact that LPDDR5 is faster than LPDDR4X, it has a significant advantage in terms of power consumption. The very abbreviation LPDDR stands for Low Power Double Data Rate, which literally translates as “low power with doubled data transmission.” Compared with the previous standard, LPDDR5 consumes 20% less battery power, prolonging the autonomy of the smartphone.

But the advantages of the new memory do not end there. RAM LPDDR5 standard is the optimal choice of smartphone manufacturers for the release of devices capable of functioning with neural networks and supporting 5G. The data transfer speed compared to LPDDR4X increased by 50%.

The tests presented earlier by Xiaomi representatives showed that in everyday operation, the increase in autonomy of a smartphone with LPDDR5 memory can vary from 10% to 20%, depending on the running application and usage scenario.

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