Everyone wants this new Xiaomi product. A device for protection against coronavirus

The gadget turned out to be half the price of the one released just 2 weeks ago
The outbreak of coronavirus in China made not only face masks, but also ultraviolet lamps for sterilization extremely popular. A couple of weeks ago, Xiaomi introduced a lamp that costs $ 21. Now it’s the turn of a twice as affordable product with similar features.

The second Xiaoda sterilization lamp is currently undergoing a collective financing phase, and in just a few days, the amount exceeded $ 1 million. Not surprising, since the price of the gadget is only 11 dollars.

The device resembles a microphone in shape, and the lamp is comparable in size to a can of soda. The gadget allows you to eliminate odor and viruses from clothes and indoors, as well as sterilize areas in which air does not circulate. This significantly reduces the risk of contracting various viral infections.

The Xiaoda lamp uses a wide range of ultraviolet light for disinfection and sterilization, which is often used in the medical field. Compared to a traditional fluorescent lamp, this small sterilization lamp effectively kills 5 common types of bacteria in the air, and the sterilization efficiency reaches 99.9%.

The device is equipped with a 700 mAh lithium battery; a medium-sized room can be disinfected in about 30 minutes.

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