EU authorities demand removable batteries to be returned to smartphones

The EU is going to force manufacturers to make batteries in their phones easily replaceable.

Just a few years ago, replacing the battery in a smartphone was a very simple task. It was enough to remove the back cover, get the battery and replace it with a new one. In a few seconds, you received a smartphone with a fully charged battery or you could replace an outdated battery without changing the phone itself.

Today, removable batteries are a rarity, which upsets many users. According to a document leaked to the Network, the EU authorities are also not satisfied with the current state of things.

The document says that the EU plans to remove restrictions on non-removable batteries in the near future, forcing manufacturers to make batteries in their phones easily replaceable. The rationale behind this initiative is to reduce e-waste.

It says that if the user can easily change the battery, he will do it and save the device longer, and not throw it away after a couple of years of use. The proposal also suggests that manufacturers should make parts simpler and facilitate third-party service centers.

In addition, the plan provides for the processing and reuse of raw materials after the disposal of the electronic device. Over time, the EU will work on a European collection system, collecting old smartphones, tablets and chargers to facilitate recycling. An official plan will be presented next month.

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