Epistar will create a joint venture in China, which will produce micro-LEDs

Taiwan’s largest LED maker, Epistar, is set to set up a joint venture with Leyard Optoelectronic, a China-based LED display company. The joint venture will produce mini-LED backlight modules (mini-LEDs) for liquid crystal displays and micro-LEDs (micro-LEDs) for micro-LED displays.

An enterprise with equal participation of partners will receive about $ 185 million. It should begin production in the second half of 2020. Initially, these will be mini-LED modules. The development of micro-LED technology will occur later.

One of the competitors of the joint venture is the Taiwanese company PlayNitride, which now can produce monthly more than 1000 plates with a diameter of 100 mm with micro LEDs. Currently, she is installing equipment for the production of micro-LEDs using plates with a diameter of 150 mm. It is expected that in the near future PlayNitride will begin serial deliveries of micro-LEDs.

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