Elon Musk wrote the first tweet using Starlink space internet

For the first time, we learned about the Starlink project back in 2014, and we talked more specifically about it in 2016. The project involves the launch of thousands of satellites into Earth orbit that will provide access to the Internet. In particular, such a solution will provide coverage for remote areas.

The first batch of satellites was launched into orbit this spring. And now, a few months later, Elon Musk announced that Starlink was working. Actually, he announced this by publishing a post on Twitter, using Starlink satellites to access the Network.

Note that so far there are only a few tens of satellites in orbit, while in general, Elon Mask is going to launch several tens of thousands of spacecraft into space. True, given that other companies have similar projects, the question arises of the total number of satellites in orbit.

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