Elon Musk proposes to equip Tesla Cybertruck with a flamethrower

We already wrote that the most non-standard pickup truck of our time Tesla Cybertruck received non-standard options, including, for example, a futuristic-looking ATV and a special performance for lovers of outdoor trips. But it is possible that Cubertruck will have a completely crazy option. It’s called a flamethrower!

It all started with the fact that the official Twitter of the Living Dead series commented on the announcement of Cybertruck, calling it the best transport for the post-apocalyptic horror. To which Elon Musk replied, “The best in technology for protection against the apocalypse! Flamethrower optional. ” On the one hand, such a comic answer is quite in the spirit of the Mask. And on the other … The Boring Company already had a Not a Flamethrower flamethrower, which sold over 20,000.

Given the look of Cybertruck and its clearly high popularity among the “survivors”, such an option would be perceived by them with a bang. In addition, no special alterations are required: just place Not a Flamethrower somewhere in the cab or in the back.

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