Elon Musk promised to throw a Tesla Model S 50 hp for free

The electric car is good in that by simple manipulations with the firmware you can always edit its peak power – of course, if it is possible to do the control electronics, electric motor, battery, and the user does not care about the power reserve. According to Elon Mask on Twitter, Tesla decided to add an additional 50 hp. peak power Model S, but this decision did not come from the ceiling, because the usual power of this car is enough for the eyes …

It’s all about the Tesla Model S test and the Porsche Taycan Turbo S recently conducted by Top Gear. In it, the German electric car passed the Tesla Model S in three disciplines: in acceleration from 0 to 96 km / s, in acceleration from 0 to 161 km / s and in the race for a quarter of a mile. But here’s what’s interesting: after the corresponding video appeared on the Web, accusations were sent to Top Gear that the test was carried out incorrectly. In particular, Tesla did not include enhanced performance mode and Launch Control was not activated. Some owners of the Tesla Model S were confused by the fact that it took them more than 11 seconds to cover a quarter mile, while even in civilian rides it usually takes half a second less.

Despite all these facts, Elon Musk did not argue with the organizers of the duel – he simply promised to increase the peak power of the car. It is clear that in this case even the use of the wrong technique will lead to the fact that Model S will still win.

Ordinary users should be grateful to Top Gear: an incorrect test launched a series of events, as a result of which their cars will become a little more powerful at the peak, and even for free. A trifle, but nice

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