Drones will not protect against coronavirus, but they can still help. China uses them to fight disease outbreaks

And uses in different ways.
In China, drones were introduced to combat coronavirus. Of course, the struggle in this case does not go directly with the virus, just drones help to carry out certain work related to the outbreak of the disease.

First, loudspeaker drones fly over the streets, reminding residents to wear masks. And although masks are intended primarily for those who have already become infected, they are, of course, all.

The second scenario for using drones is even more interesting. Drones are used at some road crossing points. In particular, at the exit from the Shenzhen expressway. Drones fly over the road with a fixed large tablet with a QR code. It is needed so that, having scanned it, drivers and passengers can register on a certain state website and leave there information about their state of health. Drones in this case are used to make the police less in contact with people in cars.

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