Don’t wait for the new Nvidia graphics cards soon

Rumors said that the premiere of new Ampere Nvidia graphics cards will take place at the GTC 2020 in March. Moreover, several sources reported this at once. But now, already another source, expresses serious doubts about this.

The Chinese resource refers to a German insider who in the past has repeatedly proved his good knowledge. So, according to him, the probability of the premiere of Ampere in March is vanishingly small. At the same time, the informant refers to the fact that many people who traditionally attend the high-profile announcements of Nvidia were not invited to the GTC 2020. It turns out that the company will not show anything special at this event.

If so, then the most likely dates for Ampere’s announcement are at Siggraph 2020 (July 19-23) or Gamescom 2020 (August 25-29). The premiere of Ampere should correspond with the premiere of Turing architecture, and this happened at Siggraph 2018. That is, we are waiting for the new generation of Nvidia video cards all the same at the end of July. Well, new items will go on sale in August.

There are few specifics about the characteristics of new products – apart from full confidence in the transition to a 7-nanometer process technology. It is expected that the increase in productivity relative to the models of the current generation will be 50-75%.

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