Dogecoin Rise News

Reddit users decided to support the creators of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. They began to buy up large quantities of the assets of this currency and the value of the once playful crypt soared by 300%. The Verge reports citing CNBC that broker Robinhood has limited asset sales!

Dogecoin Rise News

Dogecoin Rise News

The cost of one unit of the crypt rose from $ 0.007 to $ 0.078. According to representatives of the brokerage service, the decision on the restrictions was made due to “extraordinary market conditions.” The growth is attributed to the actions of the Crypto Currency communities and Satoshi Street Bets. Reddit members began to deliberately buy Doge in order to “send Doge into space,” that is, to raise the price to one dollar per coin. And that’s just for the beginning. Over the past 24 hours, the crypto market cap is 4.26 billion $ at a coin price of $ 0.03.

In fact, Doge was quite a local phenomenon, it appeared in 2013 from a joke on Twitter about the merger with Bitcoin. Then the first wave of popularity came to him after several posts of the head of Tesla Elon Musk on his Twitter.

In the future, the brokerage agency is going to introduce restrictions on the number of purchases of shares so as not to provoke artificial growth in some companies.

If things go as well as over the past few days, then the declared value of $ 1 per coin Dogecoin will reach in a relatively short time, in which case the price of $ 1 for 1 Doge is not a ceiling. Just remember the history of the rise of BitCoin.

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