Do not rush to buy Motorola Razr if it is cold in your area

We have already seen several examples of how the screen in Motorola Razr is damaged in supposedly “greenhouse” conditions. It is unclear how big the problem is and whether Motorola will have to launch a recall campaign.

But now we can see another example of what might happen to the latest clamshell.

According to the authors of the source, in their own Razr, bought a week ago, the screen is actually stratified. As you can see in the photographs, an air bubble formed under the protective plastic film, which clearly indicates that this film exfoliated from the display itself.

The authors of the source note that the smartphone was definitely not exposed to any physical influences. They have an assumption according to which, the cause of the problem is a cold or a temperature difference, since the problem appeared the next day after the author used the device in the evening on the street at a temperature of about -2 ° C, after which he returned to the warm house.

The source turned to Motorola for comments, but they have not yet been followed.

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